Wide Hammered Band
Wide Hammered Band

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The enduring Wide Hammered Band is handcrafted using recycled sterling silver in Portland, Maine. This elemental ring is a robust 6mm wide, and gently oxidized for a distinct but subtle patina. Sterling silver is a resilient material: it lasts, it survives the test of time, and yet still adorns the wearer with the gleam of a precious metal. The hammer marks on this ring pay homage to the countless artisans who, over the millennia, have turned elemental mineral into objects of value and beauty.

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Silver is an ancient metal, with a varied and illustrious past. The elemental symbol is Ag, from the Latin word ‘Argentum’ " meaning white or shining. Discovered sometime around 4000 BCE, silver was first mined in order to make ornamental objects.

In the 11th and 12th century, in what we now call the British Isles, silver pennies were printed with a small star. A penny like this was called a steorling (most likely pronounced like "sterling") in Old English, meaning "coin with star." These steorlings were made up of 92.5% pure silver, with an alloy of 7.5% copper, just like sterling silver today.

Silver pennies weren’t always sterling, though; Henry II of England established this standard because those inclined to dishonesty would trim the edges of the softer pure silver pennies and keep the small pieces for later. Sterling silver, still a beautiful precious metal, was slightly more durable and discouraged this shifty habit.

Sterling is no longer used to make coins, but many recognized the advantage of a precious metal that was both beautiful and durable: two traits that are ideal in a favorite piece of jewelry.


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