Serenity 4mm Diamond Engagement Ring
Serenity 4mm Diamond Engagement Ring

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Handmade by Page Sargisson in Brooklyn, the Serenity 4mm Diamond Engagement Ring is a fresh, erudite interpretation of the timeless diamond ring in velvety 18k gold and rose cut diamond. This ring has an organic form that is effortless and genuine.

Mood: Romantic, Honest, Sweet

Motif: Organic


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The word ‘diamond’ comes from the ancient Greek adamas meaning invincible and unconquerable. Since the first diamonds were discovered in India during the 9th century BC, the precious stone’s strength has been legendary. Diamond is indeed the hardest natural mineral in the world. Greek and Roman soldiers would wear diamonds into battle, believing they would be infused with the gem’s qualities of invincibility. Diamonds are April’s birthstone, and are given on 30th or 60th anniversaries.

Though we now know that diamonds are made up of pure carbon " the same stuff that makes the graphite in your pencil and the charcoal you might use to light a fire " diamonds have inspired many different origin stories throughout history.

The Greeks believed diamonds were teardrops from the gods. Hindus thought diamonds originated in lightning bolts. The Romans came a little closer to the truth with their belief that diamonds were shards of starlight fallen to earth. Some diamonds may have formed on asteroids in the interstellar environment, making their way to earth upon impact some millions of years ago.


Page Sargisson describes her Brooklyn studio as bright and happy, with a couch where she occasionally takes afternoon naps. The colors are fuchsia and orange - with two boys at home, ages 4 and 2, she doesn't get to see pink very often. Page has always been a designer of sorts, starting at age eight, when she would knit clothes for her Cabbage Patch Kids.

In creating her jewelry, Page doesn't always follow the rules of tradition. "Too much of this world is made by machine now and everything looks sterile. I love seeing the imperfections, the hand of the artist." Page mostly wears her own jewelry, although she and her husband found her engagement ring - a 1950's cocktail ring - in Rome.

Page has never owned a car, and is passionate about car-less transportation. She lived in Europe for a time, and is particularly fond of the railroad. With two kids, she rarely has thirty minutes of downtime, but takes those once-in-a-while opportunities to lie in bed and read. She indulges in chocolate on a daily basis.


  • 18k satin-finish gold
  • set with 4mm rose cut diamond, color F/G, clarity VVS
  • 1.5mm band
  • 5mm bezel setting
  • TLC for your satin-finish gold and diamond jewelry

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