Rochelle Vintage Diamond Wedding Ring Set circa 1950
Rochelle Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring Set circa 1950

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This eye-catching, geometric beauty from the 1950s has a timeless and elegant appeal. Made with 14k white gold, the Rochelle Vintage Engagement Ring Set features a dazzling .42ct emerald cut diamond with a straight baguette cut diamond on each shoulder. Attached is a second 14k band, featuring two straight baguette cut diamonds that cradle the central diamond of the engagement ring. The two rings are currently attached, but can be disconnected by request. This striking piece has a royal presence that goes unmatched.

This is a one-of-a-kind vintage ring, hand picked for its exquisite craftsmanship, superior condition, and vintage timelessness.

Mood: Modern, Bold, Glamorous

Motif: Geometric

$1,070 (appraised value: $2,650)

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This ring ships within 5 business days.

This ring is a size 7. It can be re-sized to any size between 7 and 10. If you need sizing, please contact us for pricing and timing information.




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  • set with one .42ct emerald-cut diamond: color H, clarity VS1
  • two straight baguette shaped diamonds on shoulders, .10ct
  • matching wedding band (attached) with two straight baguette shaped diamonds on shoulders, .12ct
  • 14k white gold
  • TLC for your vintage jewelry


Who previously owned this vintage engagement ring?
Some of the most common questions people have about vintage jewelry are about previous owners of the pieces and their stories. Although we know the approximate date that our vintage rings were created by looking at the style, materials, and techniques used to make them, we don't know who they were created for or who owned them before. That is, however, one of the wonderful things about vintage jewelry-- you can create a history for the ring by making it part of your own story. 

Why are vintage rings a good value?
A vintage engagement ring can be a beautiful alternative to a newly made engagement ring. Unlike what you might find in a typical jewelry store, a vintage engagement ring is not being mass-produced by the thousands. It has its own place in history. While there may be similar rings out there, each one is special. The workmanship on vintage rings is often more detailed than on contemporary pieces and the decorative motifs are typically more fully developed than in jewelry made today. The designs of the era in which the ring was created also tend to highlight the materials and have the ability to make a small stone appear more substantial than it would in modern setting.

A vintage ring is also a connection to the past and to the larger human experience. Although there is no relationship quite like yours, people have been getting married for thousands of years and have experienced life's ups and downs together the way you and your partner will. Vintage rings are an ecological choice because they're already in existence and do not require new mining (with all of its attendant problems). 


This one-of-a-kind vintage ring is a size 9.25, but it can be sized to fit you! Sizing can take up to two weeks. Please contact us for information and pricing.


We want you to be thrilled with your Turtle experience and will do everything we can to make that happen. Here's what our customers have had to say about their experience: 

  • "My fianc’© loves the vintage engagement ring, and I"m very happy with the service and eco-friendly packaging (that is what brought me to your online store in the first place). Thanks and best wishes." - Noah
  • "I just wanted to say how much I love my vintage Adelle ring. I just received it a couple of days ago and am delighted. It is truly stunning. I was so nervous about ordering a ring from photos over the internet, but I have to say that it was a wonderful experience. Thank you for the lovely box and chocolates, too :-) I can't stop looking at the ring - and my husband loves it too. I had my heart set on a vintage ring, and just couldn't find anything that even remotely appealed to me, until I saw the Adelle on your website. It is everything that I was hoping for. It fits perfectly, too, thank you for making the size adjustment."¯ - Fabienne
  • "The Marlene Diamond Vintage Engagement Ring cira 1950 arrived in the mail tonight! If I were to be completely honest I would say that I was a little nervous about ordering a ring online (having not seen it in person). But my goodness your company does not disappoint! The ring is simple and beautiful! Just the way my fiance-to-be likes! I cannot wait to present her with it. I would also like to say how impressed I was with your customer service. The communication was genuine and I will definitely be recommending your company to my friends. Thanks again for all your help!" - Jared

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