Oval Pearl Earrings
Oval Pearl Earrings

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These truly unique earrings are handcrafted by Maggie Bokor in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, using recycled sterling silver and freshwater pearls. The earrings drop 1 inch from the post, and each pearl is slightly oblong and coin-shaped, about Œ_-inch wide. These pearls, each one an individual, have elegance and charm.


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Pearls have been revered around the world and throughout history as rare, beautiful objects. Part of their allure is the fact that they are created by such an unassuming creature as the mollusk. Clams and mussels are homely individuals, and yet, from within their coarse shells come already-perfect spherical treasures that radiate iridescence. A pearl requires nothing to make it more beautiful"”no other precious gemstone in the world has that quality.

An ancient Hindu myth, recorded in the oldest of the Veda texts from 1000 BCE, tells of Krishna being the first to discover a pearl. Krishna is the blue-skinned god considered to be a Supreme Being of Hindi culture. It was the eve of his daughter’s wedding, and wanting only the best gift for Pandaia, he searched the world for something equal to her beauty. He considered giving her a rainbow halo from the Air, or a ruby from the Earth to adorn her forehead. He could have given her a meteor from Fire to light her path, but when Krishna came to the Sea, and reached down into its depths, he came upon the perfect thing. Searching the ocean floor, the god felt something round in shape, with a rough texture and ragged edge "– but inside the mussel shell Krishna found the most perfect, most round, most brilliantly lustrous object he had ever seen.

It was a pearl, and it was just about as beautiful as Pandaia. The story of Krishna’s gift to his daughter in the Veda was the first written record of the ancient link between pearls and marriage; many still honor this tradition today.


After years of exploration and travel, Maggie Bokor landed in Maine, where she rediscovered her fine art roots by taking metalsmithing classes. "Every day is an adventure in the studio," Maggie told us, "and I never know what direction my work may go next." Before finding her niche as a jeweler, Maggie spent her years playing in clay, paint and design of all kinds.

Maggie is passionate about creating with her hands and spreading joy with her work as an artist and Nia instructor. This "barefoot bliss" is a form of movement that combines dance, breath, and voice, and encourages self-expression. When she’s not teaching or creating, Maggie can be found on one of her daily walks in the woods with her dog, Toby, or at the beach searching for the perfect rock. She also loves dancing to live music (Maggie used to be a singer in ska and punk bands!) and sharing a meal with good friends.


  • handmade with recycled sterling silver and freshwater pearls
  • earrings hang 1" from sterling silver posts
  • .5" coin-shaped freshwater pearls
  • TLC for your sterling silver and pearl jewelry

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