Open Window Flower Necklace - Circle
Open Window Flower Necklace - Circle

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This graceful, breezy necklace by Chaya Caron in Maine is made with recycled sterling silver. The velvety satin-finish pendant measures 1 _" in diameter, and drops from an 18" sterling silver chain. These delicate flowers are framed and silhouetted as though through an open window on a balmy summer day. 

Please allow 1-4 weeks for delivery. 

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"Flowers are love’s truest language." "Park Benjamin (1809-1864), American poet and journalist

Flowers are the love-language of the green, growing world. The blooms produced by flowering plants are the means by which a seed is made, and new plants grow. It is no wonder we see flowers as symbols of romance: their purpose in life is to romance the birds and the bees, quite literally!

Flowers produce pollen, a fine dust full of plant DNA that must be conveyed, somehow, to other flowers in order to create the life-bearing seeds. Flowers also produce nectar, a nutrient-rich, sugary confection that just so happens to be a delicious food for bees, butterflies, hummingbirds and even certain mammals. In searching for nectar, these creatures convey pollen from flower to flower, ensuring the future of the plant.

For instance, the trumpet creeper has adapted flowers perfectly-suited to the ruby-throated hummingbird’s tastes. The flowers are long and slender, perfect for humming up to, and fire-engine red - utterly irresistible to the tiny bird. The hummingbird thrums and zooms between flowers, filling its belly with nectar, the pollen collecting on its brilliant feathers. The plant and animal are unwittingly engaged in an ancient love affair. How romantic!


When Chaya Caron was growing up, she wanted to be a zoologist. Through various life adventures, Chaya found herself designing and making jewelry in her studio in South Portland, Maine, where she is kept on task by two whiskered project supervisors: Everest and Tigger. With no kids (besides the cats), Chaya loves being an aunt of two, as well as an "adopted aunt."

When she is not designing and crafting, Chaya enjoys spending time outdoors, running, biking, and hiking; though she's just as happy sharing a good bottle of wine with friends. Her favorite meal is one involving good company, and Chaya says that if she could have dinner with any famous person, it would be Bono. "His personality seems infectious," Chaya says. "I can imagine leaving dinner feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world!" Perhaps this choice of dinner date expresses one of her passions: making the world a happy place.


  • handmade with recycled matte-finish sterling silver
  • 1.5" square pendant
  • 16" sterling silver chain
  • TLC for your matte-finish sterling silver jewelry

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