Nested Diamond Engagement Ring
Nested Diamond Engagement Ring

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The Nested Diamond Engagement Ring is handcrafted by Jen Burrall in her Portland, ME, studio using luscious 18k gold and a conflict-free diamond. Like the Nested White Topaz Engagement Ring or Nested White Pearl Engagement Ring, this splendid piece is a celebration of dualities: subtle and dazzling, complex and clear, satiny and sparkling. This ring is remarkable, ravishing, and radiant.

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The word ‘diamond’ comes from the ancient Greek adamas meaning invincible and unconquerable. Since the first diamonds were discovered in India during the 9th century BC, the precious stone’s strength has been legendary. Diamond is indeed the hardest natural mineral in the world. Greek and Roman soldiers would wear diamonds into battle, believing they would be infused with the gem’s qualities of invincibility. Diamonds are April’s birthstone, and are given on 30th or 60th anniversaries.

The Greeks believed diamonds were teardrops from the gods. Hindus thought diamonds originated in lightening bolts. The Romans came a little closer to the truth with their belief that diamonds were shards of starlight fallen to earth. Some diamonds may have formed on asteroids in the interstellar environment, making their way to earth upon impact some millions of years ago.


Jen Burrall creates her beautiful jewelry in a studio in the East End neighborhood of Portland, Maine, a short walk away from breathtaking views of Casco Bay and its collection of islands. Jen comes from a family of artists, and grew up on the coast of Maine where she inherited both an appreciation for art and a strong connection to nature. Jen uses recycled metals and fair-trade gemstones to minimize the ecological impact of her metal-smithing practice.


  • handmade with 18k yellow gold
  • set with 3/4ct diamond: clarity range VS1-VS2, color range J or better
  • 2.5mm hammered band
  • TLC for your gold and diamond jewelry

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