Lovebirds with a Baby Necklace
Lovebirds with a Baby Necklace

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This recycled sterling silver necklace is handmade by Elijah & Rhonda Wyman. Two birds and their chick perch together on a 1- to 2-inch branch, enjoying the companionship of family.

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"One must ask children and birds how cherries and strawberries taste." " Eric Berne

A bird’s-eye view. Free as a bird. Out on a lark"_ Most birds can fly, and because of their ability to transcend our own earth-bound domain we have revered and idolized them throughout our myth-making history. Their songs entrance us, their habits seem mysterious, and so we give birds a grand role in our stories: Creator, trickster, harbinger of life and death, embodiment of the soul, or source of wisdom.

But as parents, we can find common ground with birds. Even though a mother bird lays eggs, she is as fierce and vigilant a parent as any human. Birds build elaborate nests that perfectly suit the needs of their young; they protect their eggs at all costs; and when chicks hatch from those protective shells, they bask under doting wings.


Rhonda & Elijah Wyman are a young husband-and-wife team. They’ve been married since 2004, the same year Rhonda graduated from the Rhode Island School of Design. There are not many tasks the two don't share, although Rhonda will make the more technical jewelry parts herself and Elijah is said to be the salesman of the pair. The two love to travel with their rescued pup Crash-dog, and cuddle with their cat named Puppy who has no tail.


  • handmade with oxidized recycled sterling silver
  • 1-2" pendant
  • 16" oxidized sterling silver chain
  • TLC for your oxidized sterling silver jewelry

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