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Lisa Gent is an artisan from Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where she has a home studio in which she crafts her jewelry. As a kid, she dreamed of being a farmer or a forester, to be able to work outside; now she dreams of having an outdoor studio. When creating her jewelry, she thinks about the kind of jewelry she would want to wear.

"My work has an organic feel in general," Lisa says. "What I make is an expression of myself."

Aside from her family, Lisa Gent is passionate about the environment, and about people being in harmony with one another and their surroundings. She always tries to use eco- and socially-conscious materials, seeking out stones that have conflict-free origins, and that have been mined using fair employment practices. She also uses recycled metal.

About her process, Lisa told us, "I am always creating in my mind, sometimes doodling and drawing during meetings. I usually work during the day, sometimes when my kids are doing their homework, sometimes in the evening and whenever the moment moves me!"

When Lisa is not working on her latest design, she enjoys surfing, being outdoors, hiking, swimming in the lake at her family's cabin, reading and knitting. Her dog, Daisy, usually accompanies her on these adventures. Lately, while at work in her studio, she's been listening to the Grateful Dead, Norah Jones, and Peter Tosh.  

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