Laurel Leaf Ring - Sterling Silver
Laurel Leaf Ring - Sterling Silver

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The Laurel Leaf Ring in 50% recycled satin finish sterling silver tells the archetypal story of the laurel wreath with a modern, whimsical flair. Crafted from lustrous sterling silver by Laura Serrafero in Toronto, this ring is 5.5mm at the band’s widest point. Since the days of ancient Greece, wreaths of laurel have been awarded to many great athletes, poets, and philosophers.


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Since the 4th millennium BC, silver has been recognized as a precious metal with beauty and function. It has historically been used to make decorative objects and jewelry, and also became the basis of ancient monetary systems. In the archaic practice of alchemy, silver was associated with the moon, and was represented by a crescent symbol.

In its pure form and in compounds, silver is extremely versatile. It is used in electrical conductors and mirrors; it has known antimicrobial properties; and the discovery that certain silver compounds are light sensitive led to the advent of photography.

Sterling silver contains 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper, an alloy that retains pure silver’s beauty and adds the strength and durability of copper: three traits that are ideal in a favorite piece of jewelry.


Laura Serrafero was born and raised in Italy, and grew up with its rich heritage of art and design. Toronto became her new home when Laura’s family moved there when she was in her early teens. She studied painting and sculpture at the Ontario College of Art and Design, and later discovered she could combine her love of three-dimensional design with her love of color by creating jewelry. Laura’s inspiration extends from the symbolism and purity of art by ancient civilizations, to the harmony of forms found in nature.


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