Equilibrium Silver Ring - Wide
Equilibrium Silver Ring - Wide

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The Equilibrium Silver Ring - Wide is handcrafted by Chaya Caron in Maine. This substantial silver band is styled after the geometric patterns of the ancient Chinese I Ching divination system. The blocks of oxidized silver are symbolic of infinite possibility and boundless potential.

This ring also comes in an 8.5mm width.

Mood: Modern, Adventurous, Bold
Motif: Geometric


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The precious metal silver comes from the element Argentum, the Latin word meaning bright or shining. Discovered sometime around 4000 BCE, silver ore was first mined in order to make ornamental objects.

In the 11th and 12th century, in what we now call the British Isles, silver pennies were printed with a small star. A penny like this was called a steorling (most likely pronounced like "sterling") in Old English, meaning "coin with star." These steorlings were made up of 92.5% pure silver, with an alloy of 7.5% copper, just like sterling silver today. It was discovered that the alloy was just as beautiful as pure silver, but stronger by leaps and bounds.

Many recognized the advantage of a precious metal that was both beautiful and durable: two traits that are ideal in a favorite piece of jewelry.


When Chaya Caron was growing up, she wanted to be a zoologist. Through various life adventures, Chaya found herself designing and making jewelry in her studio in South Portland, Maine, where she is kept on task by two whiskered project supervisors: Everest and Tigger. With no kids (besides the cats), Chaya loves being an aunt of two, as well as an "adopted aunt."

When she is not designing and crafting, Chaya enjoys spending time outdoors, running, biking, and hiking; though she's just as happy sharing a good bottle of wine with friends. Her favorite meal is one involving good company, and Chaya says that if she could have dinner with any famous person, it would be Bono. "His personality seems infectious," Chaya says. "I can imagine leaving dinner feeling inspired and ready to conquer the world!" Perhaps this choice of dinner date expresses one of her passions: making the world a happy place.


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