Dainty Diamond Trio Ring
Dainty Diamond Trio Ring

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The Dainty Diamond Trio Ring is handcrafted by Yuko Matsumura in Brooklyn. Three diminutive but resplendent diamonds shine forth from a 14k gold setting. A set of three is not only aesthetically pleasing, but significant: Earth is the third planet from the sun, and the white light reflected by these diamonds is made up of the three primary colors. Makes a dazzling set when paired with the Circlet Diamond Wedding Ring.

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The word ‘diamond’ comes from the ancient Greek adamas meaning invincible and unconquerable. Since the first diamonds were discovered in India during the 9th century BC, the precious stone’s strength has been legendary. Diamond is indeed the hardest natural mineral in the world. Greek and Roman soldiers would wear diamonds into battle, believing they would be infused with the gem’s qualities of invincibility. Diamonds are April’s birthstone, and are given on 30th or 60th anniversaries.

The Greeks believed diamonds were teardrops from the gods. Hindus thought diamonds originated in lightning bolts. The Romans came a little closer to the truth with their belief that diamonds were shards of starlight fallen to earth. Some diamonds may have formed on asteroids in the interstellar environment, making their way to earth upon impact some millions of years ago.


Yuko Matsumura loves sea food, ice cream, and traveling. Although she aspired to be a piano teacher as a child growing up in Japan, Yuko now creates her own line of jewelry in a Brooklyn, New York, studio where her designs begin as a sketch on paper. Yuko got her start creating silver jewelry in Japan, eventually becoming a certified instructor in 2002. She came to New York in order to attend a jewelry school to learn how to work with precious metals and gemstones.

When asked about the factors that have shaped Yuko’s unique designs, she lists her spiritual upbringing in Tokyo as well as the volcanic origins of both Japan and Iceland, her husband’s home country. "Landscapes that have been shaped by the flow of lava are a big inspiration to me," says Yuko. "I try to express that force of nature in my jewelry."


  • 14k yellow gold
  • set with three 1.8mm rose cut white diamonds
  • 1.8mm band
  • TLC for your gold and diamond jewelry

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