Adelle Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring circa 1915
Adelle Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring circa 1915

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The Adelle Vintage Diamond Engagement Ring stuns in 14k two tone gold. This distinguished beauty, crafted around 1915, boasts a .45ct old mine-cut diamond with I color and SI2 clarity. The stone is set within two white gold hexagons, giving a modern, geometric feel to the unique, vintage classic. The hexagonal setting sits atop a beautiful, golden yellow cage of delicate filigree pegs attached to an arcing band, creating a look both elegant and architectural. This is truly a piece to be treasured.

Mood: Glamorous, Modern, Whimsical

Motif: Geometric


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This ring is a size 7. It can be re-sized to any size between 5 and 10. If you need sizing, please contact us for pricing and timing information.




  • vintage ring circa 1915
  • set with 1 old mine-cut .45ct diamond: color I, clarity SI2
  • 14k two tone gold
  • TLC for your vintage jewelry


Old mine-cut diamonds were fashionable between 1800 and 1905, an era epitomized by Alice in Wonderland, women's suffrage, and Charles Darwin. Old mine-cut diamonds represent one of the first attempts to maximize sparkle in shaped diamonds. Diamond cutters of the 19th century had no electricity like they do today " this diamond was likely cut using a hand-powered cutting machine. The diamond industry had just begun the path to standardization, introducing a demand for symmetrical stones " something that was difficult to achieve through hand cutting. It was discovered that a square cushion shape, the end result of the old mine cut, maximized symmetry and sparkle while minimizing loss of weight during cutting. Old mine-cut diamonds have a small table, high crown, deep pavilion, and open culet.


Even though this ring is one of kind, it can be sized to fit you! Sizing can take up to two weeks. Please contact us for information and pricing.

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